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Vancouver Locksmith

I’ve been a car salesman for close to a year now. Before that, as most of you know already, I was an insurance salesman. I consider myself to be fairly good at what I do – selling.

But before I got into sales, I saw my career path heading down a different road. My goal, ten years ago, was to go into the locksmith profession. Crazy, I know, but for some reason I thought being a Vancouver locksmith would be a really cool job.

Every exterior door in the city has one, so there would always be business. They don’t require a huge amount of technical experience to install, so I could pretty much learn my trade on the job. I wouldn’t have to rely on others for support; I could work alone on most jobs. And, I would be able to provide a needed sense of security to thousands of individuals.

Seemed like a dream job.

Lured by a higher starting salary, I ditched the lock world for the insurance industry. I guess they both provide security in a way…

Now, every time I lock my door when I leave my apartment I think, what if I had taken the other road. Who knows?

Ensuring Security

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