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Jets Land in Winnipeg

I think it’s important to focus on success stories. Stories that offer hope. Recovery stories.

Well, this week offered one of the biggest recovery stories in professional sports, as Manitoba was finally able to bring a hockey team back to Winnipeg.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, May 31st, with a somewhat sombre Gary Bettman in attendance.

Why will it work this time around? Strong management.

The Atlanta Spirit Group did nothing to market the team in Atlanta. The Thrashers were always an afterthought to the cities NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks.

In Winnipeg, the team will most definitely be the biggest card. They still have the Blue Bombers of course, but a NHL team is another sporting identity altogether. The True North Management Group will have no problem selling tickets. The Winnipeg fans are well aware of what will happen if they don’t manage to fill their arena.

Here’s to second chances!

Full Circle is 100% committed to reducing your debt and getting you back on track. They want to see you return to a life of opportunity, a separate routine from the shackled existence you now command. Reduce your debt, save money along the way and get back to enjoying the game.

And for all you Vancouver fans, Go Canucks Go!

Back To The Peg!


Am I the only one who is a little confused by the sudden escalation of the word “swag?”

I always thought swag meant the free stuff you got when you attended a conference or charity event. But now I hear hip-hop stars and celebrities using the word as an affirmation or noun to mean style or confidence. I even hear it being used as a verb: “swagged-out.” Then all of sudden I read that Puff Daddy has changed his name to “Swag.” What gives?

Well readers, I did some research and apparently swag comes from the hip-hop term “swagger.” Remember that song M.I.A. did with T.I., Jay and Kanye: “Swagga Like Us?”

No one on the corner has swagga like us

Swagga like us

Swagga swagga like us

I guess these four thought pretty highly of themselves.

Now the shortened form swag, picked up by the hip-hop group of the moment Odd Future (OFWGKTA), has taken off. For example, I was watching “Dancing With The Stars” (don’t judge) the other night and one of the dancers used it to describe their routine: “That is swag!”

If you’re thinking of using it in your everyday life, try alternating it for the word cool. “Do you think it would be swag if I wore my Bruins jersey to the game?” And the answer to that question is definitely no! That is not swag.

Towel Power is Swag!


The Conservatives have officially secured a majority government, the HST is being debated across the Province and businesses are failing around the Lower Mainland – And the big stories this week: the Royal Wedding, Bin Laden shot and the second round of the playoffs.

Bread and circuses!

Sometimes the major issues are clouded with inconsequential news stories and entertainment. These pop into our lives through the media and consume our time. In the process, we lose sight of the issues that concern our day-to-day lives.

Your credit situation is a major issue. Ignoring it will not make it go away. I tried that route and it only gets you deeper in the hole.

Enjoy the Canucks plyaoff run, be happy that there is one less psycho in the world and send your congratulations to the Royal couple, but don’t forget about your debt.

Contact Full Circle Debt Solutions and work out a repayment plan. You can always come back to the news of the day, but solving your credit situation should be your first priority. The more time you spend with distractions, the more interest you will accumulate. Start a debt consolidation plan today.

The Dark Side

You may or may not know this, but once a week representatives from all the major credit card companies meet on the Death Star to plan new and evil ways to lure consumers into signing up for their high interest credit plans. Lord Vader mediates, while the Emperor controls the flow of the meetings.

Many of their schemes fall flat, but a few do succeed.

One of their most dastardly plots is the ‘sports paraphernalia giveaway’. You’ve probably all seen this evil device at work at a Lions or Canucks game. The credit card companies set up a booth or stall and offer free merchandise if you sign up for a credit card. The merch is often a towel with the Orca on it or a Leo’s shirt, something that would literally cost less than twenty dollars.

But we’ve had a few beers, our boys are winning and they claim the towel is free – so we sign. And sure enough, a week later a credit card arrives in the mail.

For a fifteen dollar stuffed lion, we will pay years of interest payments. It seems absurd, but it works.

Avoid the tractor beam. Buy your towel at the pro shop and thwart the Dark Side.

The Evil That Plots Against You

A Change Of Tune

Well guys, it’s playoff time again and like most Vancouverites, all I can do to alleviate the excitement of Wednesday’s match-up against the Chicago Blackhawks is distract myself. Work is out of the question, I was in a daze the whole day. Television? Too many ‘History Will Be Made‘ ads. Bike ride? I always end up outside Rogers Arena. So I thought I would spend this weird purgatory period writing to you.

And you know what? We’re going to talk about the Canucks!

My question to you is this: “Do you think the Canuck organization should change the goal song from Green Day’s “Holiday” to something else?

I’m thinking something Canadian, or something by the White Stripes. Or… yes, I have it. “Howlin for You,” by the Black Keys. I’m a genius. Alright, your turn. Comment below and include your vote for the Canuck 2011 Playoff goal song.

Wave Your White Towel

Here’s hoping the Chicago Blackhawks don’t score a single goal in their own building and we don’t have to listen to that annoying song by the Fratellis!

My Captain, My Captain!

Continuing with the news theme, I thought I would touch on one more very important news story from the past week. Now, being from back East, I can’t really appreciate the magnitude of this story, but talking with friends who have lived in Vancouver all their lives, I’m starting to understand just how important it really is.

The story: Trevor Linden’s appointment to the Order of Canada.

Being a fairly new Canucks fan, I had to do a little research on Trevor. I had heard the tales of 94 from some of my guy friends, but I had no idea of the amount of charity work that the young hockey captain participated in.

Now every time I see his smiling face on those eyeglass ads on the bus, I can understand why this city holds such a high regard for their transplanted son.

Some day I hope to inspire young children with the same passion that Trevor was able to share with the less fortunate.

We all can’t be honoured in the way Trevor has been, but we can all appreciate the hope he was able to inspire.

Thank you #16…

Forever Our Captain

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